【Daily Topic】Ruby counter relationship.

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Dec 01

Name :ruby
Ruby general workers can’t have any lifesteal, and all the lifesteals are superimposed on skills.
There can be a short blink after each skill release.
Double defense will be superimposed after blinking.
Ruby's 2/3 skills are CC .Skill release can change the enemy's position.
Ruby can also be regarded as an unpopular character, and you don’t usually encounter ruby, but I’d like to popularize the counter relationship between ruby~

Ruby's most restrained hero is Fanny, Fanny has an extremely disgusting point, after fanny has bean controll,when the rope is still there, he can fly along the rope all the way.As a result, many Cc hero can’t completely restrain Fanny ,But ruby ​​is different,Ruby's control skill can make the enemy change position, and the Cc time is quite long, When fanny flies over, use a 2/3 skill to intercept fanny from the flying state.In addition to ruby, zilong, diggie, chou have the same effect.
Then let’s talk about which heroes can counter Ruby~ the first one is joy~
Joy’s control immunity is very long, and even if Ruby wants to move away and escape, Joy can easily catch up. At the same time, even if Ruby controls Joy after Joy's ulti was activated, Joy's ulti will still cause continuous damage to Ruby.

second is our Wanwan~
Wanwan's blink can kite all kinds of short-legged heroes, wanwan jumps wildly, she can't escape completely.And Wanwan 2 skill can also remove the control! There are probably only ruby 3 skills that can control Wanwan.

Do you still think there are any other heroes who can counter Ruby?
Let me know by leaving a message below~~~

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