Road to Last Chance 🧨 | 2022 PMGC League

Dec 02

2 days have passed for the 2022 PMGC: Survival Stage and only 1 more day to go.
We've seen Group Red go against Group Green on the first day and then Group Green against Group Yellow yesterday, now the battle rages for the Top 16 for the last chance to the Last Chance 👀

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports - Survival Day 2 Standings)

From the current standings, obviously teams from Group Green have secured the top spots as they have played 12 matches rather than other groups that only played 6. HVVP taking the grand lead with 143 points followed by VPE, BAC, iNCO and Alpha7 with over 100 points, and they should be safe to advance to the Last Chance.

Now, the least performing team from Group Green is Skylightz Gaming (SG) with 60 points, and that is the base target for all teams from Groups Red and Yellow to pass in order to advance. It will come down to which team will be able to obtain the most points later today and which group is the strongest to send the most teams to the Last Chance.

Malaysian representative; 🇲🇾 4Rivals will be playing today for the qualifying spots, and previously they were able to finish with 32 points at 20th overall. They would need to get +45 points today (~75 points) to be in the minimum safe spot to advance, as well as to battle the likes of other teams gunning for the Top 16 as well.

We hope the best that 4Rivals can prove that they are worthy to advance to the Last Chance, and also be among the Top 5 to fly to 🇮🇩Jakarta. What are your thoughts on this?

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