Details about the new hero Arlott

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Dec 02

Let's talk about Arlott the upcoming Fighter
Detailed version :

Demon Gaze : Arlott possess a demonic eye that will "Mark" 1 nearby enemy hero every 10s
(If activated automatically)

Enemy hero near Arlott that are effected by CC will also be Marked by Arlott's passive but only for 5s.
(if enemy heroes nearby Arlott are CC'ied then all of them will be marked by his passive but for a shorter period)

If Arlott used his 2nd skill at the marked enemies then it would deal guaranteed Critical physical damage.

(The red glowing Layla has been marked by his passive)

1st skill
Dauntless Strike : Arlott swing his lance forward, dealing Physical Damage to targets hit and slowing them by 40% for 2s
( it's casting animation is similar to Fredrinn's Ult but faster)

1st skill has 2 hit area, targets hit by the first half (the farthest from Arlott) will be "Stunned" for 1s.

The one that was hit by the second half (the nearest to Arlott) will also be Stunned but for way shorter duration than the first half.
(Picture credits to Elgin YT)

2nd skill
Vengeance : Arlott charges at an enemy dealing Physical Damage while landing behind the target.

If the target is already marked by Arlott's passive then this skill will deal Guaranteed Crit and the CD on this skill will reset immediately.

Not noted by dev :
If Arlott casted this skill on marked enemy then it will heal him for a few points of HP.
(Casting animation quite similar to Zilong's 2nd skill)

Final Slash : Arlott cleaves in front of him, moving enemies to his right side while dealing Physical Damage.

Not noted by dev
Enemies hit by Arlott's Ult will be Airborned, if they smashed to a obstacle (wall etc) the Airborne effect prolonged a bit longer.

He can use his 2nd skill multiple times as long as his target are marked by his passive👹

Arlott's skills don't scale well with Physical Attack items so maybe he is a hero that shine the most a Early to Late game.

Check out Elgin or Hororo Chan YT channel to learn more about this new hero.


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