The 3 best heroes to counter Zilong in Mobile Legends

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Dec 03

When you start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for the first time, one of the heroes you’ll frequently come across in lower ranks is Zilong.

There are many reasons why beginners love this fighter hero. He’s automatically unlocked once you finish the tutorial, plus he’s fun, easy to play, and can snowball early on in the game once he gets a few kills in the laning phase.

He’s one of those fighters that heavily relies on basic attacks, and is only effective with offensive items. It may be a challenge to get ahead using glass cannon fighters like Zilong in the EXP lane because most fighters in the game have high defensive stats — but he has one of the lowest out of all fighters in the game.

Still, this hero packs a punch when played right. If you are up against the Spear of Dragon and want to punish him in the early game, these three heroes should be on your priority list.

There’s a reason why Esmeralda is considered one of the best EXP laners in the game. She has the ability to absorb enemy shields and transform them into her own. Her damage output on Frostmoon Shield and Stardust Dance skills is high, and can kill any targets even before level four.

She completely dominates Zilong in the laning phase. She also has the ability to catch him by using her ultimate, Falling Starmoon. If you really want to get ahead in the early game, choose Execute as your battle spell instead of Sprint.

It’s also vital to buy Enchanted Talisman as your first item so that you won’t have to worry about your mana, for Frostmoon Shield and Stardust Dance uses a lot of mana early on in the game.

Masha is mostly played as a support, but she can still be used in the EXP lane if you’re up against Zilong. Similar to the Spear of Dragon, she is a hero who relies on auto attacks to deal damage.

What sets her apart, however, is that she can disarm enemy heroes for two seconds with Howl Shock, rendering them unable to use basic attacks. That’s huge in team fights, especially against Zilong in the mid to late game when he already has his core items.

Save Howl Shock, which should be used on him, and cast Thunder Clap once he jumps in the middle of a team fight. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive, for Masha’s passive, which gives her three HP bars, makes her difficult to take down.

Known as the king of crowd control, Fredrinn is a pain to deal with in the laning phase.

He has one of the highest base defensive stats out of any EXP laner in the game, making him extremely difficult to eliminate. The moment he has less than 50% health, he can use his ultimate, Appraiser’s Wrath, to deal damage based on his missing health.

If you’re up against Zilong, rushing Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor is the way to go. Building Dominance Ice is another good choice if the Spear of Dragon chooses to buy lifesteal items first, such as Endless Battle or Haas Claws.

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