Nigma Galaxy appoints ImmortalFaith as new Dota 2 Head Coach

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Dec 03

In what felt like ages throughout the Dota 2 off-season, Nigma Galaxy begins to unveil its Dota 2 roster change. The organization announced the arrival of Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza as Nigma Galaxy’s new Head Coach, filling in the shoes of Roman “rmN-” Paley-. He will be coaching Nigma Galaxy through the 2023 DPC season which is to begin very soon.

One day before the announcement (November 30th), Nigma Galaxy parted ways with long-time coach rmN-. He had been a major part of NGX since 2018, guiding the squad to major achievements. A few of his records as NGX’s coach include a first place at the MDL Macau 2019, a second place at the MDL Paris Major, and a second place at The International 2019.

However, NGX has been performing poorly for the past couple of years, missing Majors and two consecutive TIs. Due to this, change is bound to happen.

Nigma Galaxy picks up ImmortalFaith, a name well-recognized in the Dota 2 scene for his popular guides. He began his coaching journey in 2019 with which would disband and reform as Team Tickles (now known as Gaimin Gladiators). After a 9th – 12th placing at TI11, GG and ImmortalFaith parted ways.

Taking in ImmortalFaith is definitely a fresh move by Nigma Galaxy. Although ImmortalFaith is relatively new in the coaching space, most fans are looking forward to his impact on the TI-winning team.

The org has not revealed NGX’s Dota 2 roster that would compete in 2023’s Dota Pro Circuit. There were tons of rumors that stated the departure or retirement of some original members. In a short clip, GH addressed the rumors and slightly hinted that the team has it all together. But it was a very neutral statement and we couldn’t make any solid assumptions.

The Dota 2 community is blowing up with anticipation as the roster lock deadline approaches. Teams will start dropping bombshells left and right and we’ll have to brace for impact. Stick around for more Dota 2 roster news and updates!

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