When does season 13 start for League of Legends?

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Dec 03

The 2023 preseason for League of Legends is well underway. With the dust settling on LoL’s ranked mode, Riot Games is preparing for League of Legends season 13 at the start of January. This is always an exciting time for League of Legends players, who will be testing out new champions, new items and more. Here is everything you need to know about League of Legends season 13.

While there is no official confirmation on the launch date for League of Legends season 13, fans can expect the new season to begin within the first week of January. Over the past few years, League of Legends’ newest season has been released at the start of the year. Season 12 was released on January 5th of this year and there is no reason to expect Season 13 to be released much later.

Season 12 has one more patch to come on December 7 with patch 12.23. There, players can expect final adjustments to be made to the game ahead of the season 13 launch in 2023.

Riot has confirmed there are a lot of changes coming to season 13, from new champions to the return of the dreaded Chemtech drake and much more. Season 13 aims to give the Top lane and Jungle roles some much-needed love.

The changes to teleport this season has seen top lane feel more like an island than it ever has before. Season 13 aims to reward Top laners for their sacrifice with increased laning prowess. Changes to XP and more should see Top lane feel more important than it has been in recent times.

One of the changes that players have been cautious about is the return of the Chemtech drake. This Dragon was extremely overpowered with the developers receiving instant feedback on the addition. Players felt the drake, specifically the soul buff, was too overpowered in both standard LoL as well as its pro scene.

As seen in the clip above, the soul gives players a ‘Sion-like’ zombie passive. This allows players to use their abilities for a limited amount of time after death. In the correct environment, this soul made the game unplayable for the opposition – Riot was swift in disabling the drake.

Here are the confirmed changes for this infamous drake:

Esports.gg will bring you all of the patch notes for League of Legends 12.23 as Season 13 moves ever closer!

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