Survival Stage Standings & Last Chance 🏆 | 2022 PMGC

Dec 03

With the Survival Stage ended, it's time to enter the final phase of the 2022 PMGC League; the Last Chance ⚔

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports)

The Top 16 have advanced to the Last Chance stage. Each team have played 12 matches of the 18 allocated and HVVP were able to top the Survival Stage Standings with 143 points 🔥

Based on the standings, we can see that Group Green participants totally dominated the top spots as 5 of 6 of them finished in the Top 6. The best Group Red representative is LGD at #2 while the best Group Yellow representative is IHC at #8. I guess we can safely say that Group Green is indeed the strongest group (i.e - Group of Death) 🥵

A miracle happened in the very final game as Agonxi8 Esports from Pakistan were able to make a mad dash comeback, where they got a WWCD with 19 ELIMINATIONS! That boosted them from #23 to #14 to qualify 😲😱

Sadly for our remaining Malaysian representative; 4Rivals as they did not perform and finished in last place. GGWP and try again for the 2023 season 💪🏻

Congratulations to all teams that have advanced to Last Chance as they'll be competing in 12 matches over this weekend for 5 final slots to the Grand Finals! Who will you be rooting for? 👏🏻👀

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