Camping Place Near Football Carnival in Erangle Map

Kaya toast4887
Dec 03

PUBG Mobile new update 2.3 have very exciting features and players are enjoying this update specially its converting in to football feature. These new features are very helpful in rank pushing.

So here is a very simple trick for Erangle map near Football Carnival.There are Tank then how reach on top of the tank follow The Steps.

First go near the tank and then stand cycle with wall and then convert the player in zorb football .

Go back some and then came with 40 plus speed and hit the cycle then football go up then press again jump button and forward the joystick and exit on top of tank.

This is the one of the best trick because this place so many enemy come this trick very helpfull to kill enemy esaliy and survived also.

How do you like this Tips&trick and will you ever Try it?

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