[PMGC] Last Chance

Dec 03 · Moderator

With the survival stages finished and 16 Teams left to get the final 5 slots for PMGC Finals. Who will be the more favourable teams to qualify into the Finals?

At first we have HVVP which is undoubtedly the first seed to enter the Finals...albeit if they didn't choke. With their precision and strategic gameplay, it is no wonder they'll at least Top 5 in the LCQ.

LGD coming in 2nd place for me as...well,China. PEL teams has always dominated the global stages even during the early years of PUBGM eSports. LGD is a first timer but they certainly don't disappoint.

BACON is definitely the best TH team in the survival stages (yes I know VPE has more points). Despite having a very bad luck in game, they still managed to score a Top 5 in the survival stages.

Reject has shown to be improving ever so slightly in every major tournament they played in. With Japan having not much of PUBGM tour and repetitive team attending the same tournament, they actually did surprisingly well in the global stages. Like an anime show.

Finally, i8 is the dark horse that we should look out for, they definitely one of the teams that had least chance to qualify after being at the bottom two of day 1 survival stages. But here they are,in the LCQ.

Despite all that I said, whichever teams got into the Finals will be a deserving one because all of them fought through their respective region to get here. (Except that big red team)

Who do you think will be the final 5 in the GrandFinals? Do tell me your opinion.

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