Solo Camping Trick 2.3 Update PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Dec 03

The location of camping place is near Gatka Erangel map there are long towers near squad house you have to reach on the top of these towers as shown in screenshot.

If you are playing solo vs squad it will help you alot and you will get kills easily and also have height advantage.

To reach on the top of these towers follow these following steps:

1)For this trick you must have a cycle and football power.

2)Place the cycle near Wall as shown in screenshot.

3)Convert your character in Football and move backwards to hit the cycle speedly.

4)When you get a high jump then press jump button again to move towards towers.

Note: Do not press exit when you are in air otherwise you will die.

What you think about this trick. Have you tried this trick before?

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