Pochinki Tower Trick For Rank Pushing and Trolling

Aleena Zafar
Dec 03

The location of trick is Pochinki Erangel map. There is a red and white colour tower in pochinki as shown in screenshot. You have to reach on the top or tower. This trick will help you in rank pushing or also for Trolling enemies.

For this trick you must have cycle and foodball power.

Place the cycle exact at place where I place near Tower.

Convert your character into Football and move backward to hit the ball at speed of 40 or 40+.

When you get high jump then move towards the tower and in this way you will reach on the top or tower.

Note: Try this trick when you are playing in squad or playing with your friends because in solo you will die due to falling.
If you want to try in solo try it on your own risk.

With this trick you will get kills with height advantage and no one spot you easily and you can also troll enemies.

What you think about this trick? Try this trick and let me know in comments

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