The 3 best heroes to counter Masha in Mobile Legends

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Dec 04

Updated on December 2, 6 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

There are a lot of reasons why Masha is considered one of the most unique fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Aside from being the only hero in the game to have three health bars, she also deals more damage and gains movement speed the lower her HP is.

Despite having no crowd control, Masha is often played as a roamer, as she has the ability to disrupt the enemy jungler and steal buffs with the right timing.

However, she isn’t a good against fighters and tanks with gap closers. These three hero counters will surely give this fighter hero a run for her money.

Masha’s main damage comes from her first skill, Wild Power, which increases her basic attack’s physical damage. Belerick is strong in countering exactly just that.

His passive, Deadly Thorns, deals damage to the nearest hero every time he receives damage.

Ancient Seed, his first skill, also taunts enemies caught in its path. Two of those skills are enough to give shut her down. Once Belerick catches Masha, she will be forced to auto-attack Belerick and activate Deadly Thorns.

Moreover, things will get worse once Belerick completes Blade Armor, as he can shred her HP bar in a 1v1. There’s a reason why people consider Belerick as the bane of every marksman and basic attack-reliant hero, for he’s basically a walking Blade Armor.

Baxia is a great pick against heroes who like to get up close and personal in team fights. Baxia’s passive also allows him to decrease the healing capabilities of enemy heroes who attack him, making it perfect against the likes of Masha.

In team fights, Baxia can activate Tortoise’s Puissance to constantly deal damage around him while using Shield of Spirit to slow them down.

Baxia-Shield Unity can also be used when Masha is escaping, as the skill gives him a movement speed boost that’s a lot faster compared to the movement speed she receives during Wild Power.

While it may be tempting to build some magic items to further increase his damage, it’s advisable to go for a full defensive build because Baxia already has enough damage on his skills.

Dyrroth’s second skill, Spectre Step, now has a low cooldown which makes him a lot more nimble in team fights.

Dyrroth can quickly eliminate Masha in the early game as long as you have your ultimate, Abysm strike, available.

While the Prince of Abyss will have a harder time in a 1v1, what makes Dyrroth a threat against the Wild-Oats Fist is that he still has reasonable damage even with defensive items.

Abysm Strike also stops Masha from reaching her full damage potential once her HP is low, as the ultimate skill deals more damage the lower the enemy’s life is. Once she has only one bar of HP remaining, Dyrroth can quickly cast his ultimate to deal the killing blow.

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