3 best heroes to counter the UBE strategy in Mobile Legends

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Dec 04

Updated on December 2, 4:30 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

If there’s one strategy that has defined the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang meta for the longest time, it’s the iconic UBE strategy.

Pioneered by Blacklist International in Season 7, the strategy involves sticking together as much as possible in the mid to late game, fielding either a tank or marksman hero in the jungle to go along with a healer support.

It was so popular that teams from other regions adopted the strategy, so it’s no surprise that many are now emulating the strategy in their Mobile Legends ranked games.

Countering the UBE strat is well within your power, however. Here are three heroes you can choose in your ranked games.

Akai is a great tank hero for disrupting enemy formation thanks to his ultimate, Hurricane Dance. A skilled Akai player can quickly counter the UBE formation with Headbutt, Body Slam, and Hurricane Dance to displace the enemy carries from the healer.

Since they will be sticking together most of the time, catching five members with Hurricane Dance will also be easier to pull off. Mastering Akai is a must if you want a well-rounded, solid hero to use against the strat.

If there’s one hero who counters team compositions that tend to stick together, it’s definitely Luo Yi.

The mage hero is pretty difficult to deal with if you are enforcing an UBE strategy, for one Yin-Yang reaction has potential to burst down the entire crew.

Once the team gets hit with her Duality passive, they’ll be forced to back away from one another to avoid her passive from activating.

Since the enemy team will likely prioritize you in team fights, building Winter Truncheon or Immortality is recommended once you already have four magic damage items in your arsenal.

Baxia is another tank hero that does well against the UBE strategy.

However, you have to take into consideration the hero picks of your allies, so when picking Baxia, make sure that at least one or two of your teammates have burst damage skills, such as Eudora, Helcurt, or Brody.

This is because Baxia only provides anti-healing capabilities with his passive, Baxia Mark. Aside from that, he doesn’t have much damage or crowd control to make flashy plays, unlike Akai.

Having one or two burst heroes will do the trick, and will make the opponent wonder why their heals aren’t working in team fights.

The perfect item to counter the UBE strategy is Dominance Ice, and we explain why in this guide. Learn more about the UBE strategy and its importance in Blacklist International’s success in the local and international MLBB scene.

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