[PMGC] What An Upset!

Dec 04 · Moderator

HVVP after dominating the survival stages, people would think they would qualify to finals. But their journey ended just now.

iNCO Gaming and IHC both pulled an amazing last game which ended them at Top 1 and Top 2 making them climb to the top chart.

IHC in one hands solidify their Top 5 Spots (Alongside DRS) and iNCO Gaming, just narrowly in the Top 5 with the advantage, ADVANTAGE of 1 point to both HVVP and TiTan which each have 105 points (With HVVP having two chickens opposed to TiTan 1 Chicken)

This match is a match to remember....

Thank you to All teams that qualified into PMGC and tried their hardest in this tournament. And also good luck for those teams whom going to play in PMGC S2 next year in Bali,Indonesia.

Now for the question of the day,who will be the champion for PMGC S2? Come on no rush, you still have a month to guess it🤫

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