Update 2.3 Zorb vehicle hidden Feature | PUBGM.

Rendang daging26
Dec 04

This vehicle is available in Erangle map and also in livik at different spots in football Maina mode. when we activate this backpack 🎒 it convert in to football ⚽ we can travel in it.

There is Amazing feature in this vehicle.The both side of vehicle two light are fixed.These light 🚨 Change in to three Colour at different situations.

✓If the Colour is blue then the vehicle is fully secured.

✓ If the colour is Yellow vehicle this is the warning ⚠️ sign.

✓ If the colour is red this indicates the danger in this condition we need to leave the vehicle.

Do you know about this feature and other disadvantage of this vehicle?

Share your feedback Thank you.

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