The 3 best heroes to counter Bruno in Mobile Legends

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Dec 05

Bruno is the prime example of a glass cannon hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His high physical damage comes from his first skill, Volley Shot, which enhances his basic attack, and Mecha Legs passive, which increases his critical chance. With two or three core items, he can delete enemies with a few hits.

The football-inspired hero, however, heavily depends on auto attacks, and doesn’t have any reliable defensive spells. His dash ability Flying Tackle is short, and can only stun for half a second, making him vulnerable to heroes who have solid crowd control and gap closers.

Armed with strong disable and low-cooldown blink, Moskov can dominate Bruno in the laning phase and even in the latter stages of the game.

Before you cast the Abyss Walker to narrow the gap, find an angle to impale him to a wall using the Spear of Misery.

With the attack speed bonus from Abyss Walker, take him down with basic attacks. Eliminate him with the Spear of Destruction ultimate if he tries to retreat.

Purchase Wind of Nature to avoid getting burst down by physical damage.

All the abilities of Khufra have crowd control, making him a strong counter against marksmen. Additionally, Tyrant’s Revenge (1st skill) has a long cast range, enabling him to easily jump to his target.

Hiding in a bush will make Tyrant’s Revenge less predictable. If you catch the enemy Bruno, don’t hesitate to slam him to a wall or near your allies with the Tyrant’s Rage. Use Bouncing Ball to prevent him from dashing out.

Buy Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, and Blade Armor to mitigate his physical burst.

Helcurt is a horrifying assassin to play against for all squishy marksmen. He has a blink that includes a silence effect, along with swift burst damage, which overall is an effective skill combo to slay Bruno.

The Shadowbringer is often used as a jungler, so secure the buffs first then fully stack the Deadly Stinger before going for the gank.

Cast Dark Night Falls ultimate, which activates the silence from Shadow Transition that you’ll use blink in and prevent him from using Flying Tackle.

Having two or three damage items such as Blade of Heptaseas, Demon Hunter Sword and Blade of Despair is enough to one-shot him with Deadly Stinger.

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