[PMNC] A New Star Emerged

Dec 06 · Moderator

With Group A of PMNC Qualifier ended, we have 7 teams that qualified to the PlayOffs. Those teams being Berubah Gaming, Farang Elementus, 4Rivals Central,AROV Zenith,Anti Circle,AE Glazer, and iVict Star Elite.

All of these are some very familiar team that was in the previous PMNC,there's even one team is from previous PMPL! But one team stand out in particular, that being Berubah Gaming.

Berubah Gaming stand on top of Group A without any Chicken Dinners. That being said it is also the 1st time we saw them in major tournament held by Tencent. They were seen last time on M.A.C 2021 and GGWP 100Plus challenge (I was in both tournament as well). Being a team that just made a comeback,this indeed is a surprise,but a good one.

Which team do you think will perform the best in the PlayOffs among these 7? I do think AntiCircle will do well as they had the most experience and a super-sub called SuperBoi

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