New Features In Aftermath 2.0 PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

In general, Aftermath 2.0 has some significant changes in the design but the gameplay will be retained. Players also land on a small island and try to be the last survivor to leave it alive before the electric zone swallows the whole island.

The game developers mostly change the gear features in this game. But it's great enough to make the survival game on this post-apocalyptic map fiercer and more exciting.

#1. Supply spawning rate
The spawn rate in Aftermath 2.0 increases significantly. Players can loot more advanced supplies inside hidden bunkers around the map while small houses also have better loot now. Then, combat takes place earlier when players get enough supplies faster.

#2. Weapon Upgrade
Tencent allows players to increase the DMG of all weapons in Aftermath. Moreover, each weapon can be upgraded twice with an increase of 10% DMG per customization kit. You can buy these kits from supply vendors that cost 15 money tokens each. After this update, you should find level-3 armor sets and play more carefully because every single shot is more deadly now.

#3. Armor Upgrade
If you cannot find level-3 armor sets, it's important to use Armor pieces to enhance your vests. As weapon damage increases due to weapon customization kits, players are more vulnerable. Therefore, armor enhancement pieces become essential to save your life in this post-apocalyptic map now.

Armor pieces are brought from Metro Royale mode to this map. Therefore, a lot of players know how to use it well. You can use two armor pieces for the level-2 vest and three pieces for the level-3 vest. The rarer armor set is better.

#4. Military Bunkers
New military bunkers in Aftermath 2.0 have tons of advanced supplies. But players have to clear AI guards and enemies to struggle for these rare gears. AI enemies often use weak firearms, but you must be careful because your gun's sound can still attract other real players.

After fierce combat, players can loot some supply cabinets in these bunkers. These cabinets have lots of essential supplies, such as shop tokens, alloy armor, and concentrated energy drink. It's a great reward for combat winners. So, try to perform well and win both AI guards and opponent players if any.

#5. New Consumables
A concentrated energy drink is a new red drink that heals your HP. It's better than the old blue energy drink in this game. Besides, there is a new first-aid kit that can heal the full HP bar while the old one can only heal 75% of the bar.

These change are make the gameplay on the map.

What's your opinion regarding new update of Aftermath? Are you enjoying its new features.

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