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Dec 07

The Group Stages of the 2022 PMNC Malaysia has come to its end. As a small recap, 32 teams were split into 2 groups in which each group played a whole day of matches with 5 matches each. All teams have tried their best to be among the Top 7 teams in their groups to advance to the Playoffs this weekend, and here are the final standings!

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports Malaysia & Liquipedia PUBGM)

In Group A, Berubah Gaming proved their consistence to emerge as the champion with 67 points accumulated with no WWCDs! Farang Elementus obtained a back-to-back WWCD in the first two games but fell off a little bit then, and finally ended in 2nd place. Anti Circle made a huge comeback after their too-soon in the first two games when they brought in SuperBoi; a veteran player in Match 3 that made them win a 10-elim WWCD in Sanhok 😱

As for Group B, RAV3N (previously D3V Silence) also managed to claim the first two matches' WWCD and then fell off towards the end - much like FRG-E in Group A and finished 2nd overall. They topped the leaderboards up to Match #4 until Hurricane Error's consistency and a WWCD in the last game managed to push themselves towards Top 1 with 56 points, overtaking RAV3N by just 2 points. Still, it was an amazing run for both these teams🔥

An interesting fact this time, is that we have two (2) teams that are made out of Solo qualifiers from 2022 PMCT; 4Rivals Central (PMCT Solo Central) and Miri Mob Esports (PMCT Solo Borneo), managed to advance to the Playoffs! This might just be the first time that a team made up of individuals that qualified through a solo-circuit qualifier advances to a National Finals, will they be able to show an impressive performance to advance to 2023 PMPL? 👀

Quite unfortunate for some fan-favorite teams such as TJB Esports MY, RMC Savior and Ayla Hydra as they did not make it to the Playoffs, thus their journey to the 2023 PMPL ends here. It's okay, try again next year💪🏻

GGWP to all teams! These 14 teams will be up against Farang Guerilla and HomeBois (relegated from 2022 PMPL MY/SG/PH Fall) in the Playoffs this weekend (Dec 9th - 11th) for an unknown number of slots to the 2023 PMPL Spring! What are your predictions on who will advance in the end?

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