[PMNC] Underated Pros Rising

Dec 07 · Moderator

With PMNC Group Stages ended, The Roster for the PlayOffs are completed. In Group B, RAV3N,Hurricane Error,Axis MargaX,Mre King,Miri Mob,The Gringos,and AE 6YG has officially qualified for the PlayOffs.

As opposed to Group A that has many new talents qualified to the PlayOffs (except AC). Group B actually has a lot of familiar names in different teams that actually participated in the pro league!

For example:
Hurricane Error- Kicap (aKa esports {PMPL S2})
RAV3N-Aniq (Team SMG), Tamm (HomeBois)
AE 6YG-Oasis (NED Brotherhood {PMPL S3})

This is very interesting to see as they're all Underated player or just a substitute in their previous team.

Is this a sign that they'll be back to show their worth? With HomeBois being in the PMNC PlayOffs and Team SMG probably be in PMPL Qualifier,it'll be interesting to see the outcome...

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