The 3 best heroes to counter Jawhead

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Dec 08

Updated on December 7, 8:38 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

When it comes to S-tier tanks, Jawhead has been a priority in tournaments because he is able to cause a lot of disruption on the battlefield.

In the ever-perpetuating Mobile Legends: Bang Bang meta where disruption will always prove effective, having tanks with crowd control is very useful.

The task of the tank, especially, is to disturb the enemy jungle. His second skill, Ejector, delays your opponent when they’re doing the buff, as he can reset the buff with his throw.

So what is the best way to respond after your opponent chooses Jawhead? These three heroes who are considered to be very useful:

Even though she’s one of the assassins that’s rarely picked, Karina could potentially cause a lot of trouble. 

Karina’s passive, Combo Hit, allows her to deal extra true damage on every third attack, equivalent to a percentage of the enemy’s lost HP.

This means that the lower the enemy’s HP, the most damage Karina can do. Even a tank like Jawhead can be shredded thanks to her true damage application.

Valir is a mage who has a combination of high early game damage with excellent crowd control. He can be a bother to the enemy line up and cause some serious trouble.

While Valir’s burst damage isn’t as painful as other mages, he’s still a great support, especially when Jawhead is on the enemy team.

His second skill, Searing Torrent, can knock enemies back. This keeps tanks at arm’s length, preventing them from coming close for initiation.  Moreover, his passive, Ashing, allows him to stun opponents, further reducing the aggressiveness of Jawhead.

Tigreal is a tank who straight up counters Jawhead with his crowd control effects.

Since he likes to stick to a single target when he initiates, Tigreal’s second skill, Sacred Hammer, allows him to charge right into him and knock him up twice at the maximum.

Utilizing his ultimate, Implosion, Tigreal pulls surrounding enemies to himself, forcing them to stick to him, and stuns them for a short duration. As such, your opponent won’t be able to move, and is again prevented from finding a pick off the backline. Solid choice.

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