The 3 best heroes to counter Sun in Mobile Legends

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Dec 08

Updated on December 6, 4:30 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

Don’t let the monkey stereotype fool you, facing Sun in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no easy task.

Sun has seen a lot of changes in his kit over the past few years. However, his core gameplay remains — he is a fighter hero who has insane basic attack damage. The ability to create clones also help him in battle.

He is mostly played in the EXP lane because he is good at pushing towers. Leaving Sun alone for a few seconds in a lane can mean disaster. So if you are tasked with facing the Monkey King in the lane, there are a few heroes who can shut him down. Here are three heroes that come to mind.

No matter how many clones or items Sun has already built, X.Borg is no doubt the best counter to the Monkey King in the game.

His first skill, Fire Missiles, deals tremendous damage to Sun and all of his clones in the laning phase. This, coupled with the fact that it has a low cooldown and requires no mana, means that Sun won’t be able to get close at all.

X.Borg also thrives against DPS heroes because of his passive, Firaga Armor, making it extremely difficult to take him down in the laning phase. When playing the fighter hero in the EXP lane, rush Bloodlust Axe for lifesteal and buy Immortality after.

If you are really far ahead, switch Immortality with War Axe for the increased damage.

Odette may not be a viable hero in the EXP lane, but she can stop Sun with her ultimate, Swan Song.

Odette’s ultimate deals a ton of burst damage to enemies in a large area, and can only be interrupted with crowd control. Odette can simply cast her ultimate when he enters the battlefield. Since he doesn’t have any skill to stop her ultimate, he’ll be forced to back away.

To play it safe, rush offensive items such as Glowing Wand or Genius Wand to ramp up Swan Song’s damage. In the late game, you’ll want to build Winter Truncheon — if he manages to survive the ultimate, for he has the potential to burst you down when your skills are on cooldown.

Paquito is currently one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is hard to kill and his damage output is insane, to say the least. He is only one of the few heroes who can face the Monkey King in a 1v1 situation and still win.

This is especially true if Paquito is ahead in terms of items. At full stacks, he can deal serious damage to Sun with his basic Knockout Strike-Knockout Strike-Jab-Knockout Strike combo.

This MLBB hero sure packs a punch!

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