How to complete Hidden Achievement Will Of Steel PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

The will of steel is the hidden achievement you can see it in achievement sections of pubg mobile.
To complete this achievement, you have to lose
eighteen hundred health points in a single match and you get the reward of thirty achievement points with one classic crate coupon. To lose eighteen hundred health, we have to restore at least one thousand   seven hundred health points. This achievement can be completed in solo, duo, or squad mode in any tier.

🔸Settings for Achievement Match:
Before   starting the match, check your settings. Disable the healing prompt in an advanced control setting.Go to pick up setting and change consumables auto pickup limit. Set maximum to first aid kit.

🔸Map Selection For Achievement:
select the livik map and start the match. Now select your landing location. You can land anywhere you want but land on part of the map is best for enough loot and which have shops where you can buy first aid need to collect around 25 first aid kits to complete the mission.

After landing, start searching for medical items especially first   aid kits, some grenades, or Molotov and shopping coins.

🔸Lossing Health
Find a way to lose your health by any means
like a grenade, Molotov, blasting gas can, also lose health with blue zone etc .

To lose 1800 health points you need to restore   1700 health points because you have started the match with 100 points and when you died you lose that 100 points too. In this way, you can complete the will of steel achievement alone.

Have you completed this achievement?

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