How to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

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Dec 09

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Since its release in 2017, Diggie has been a staple pick in the Land of Dawn because of his unique skillset.

Best played in the roamer position, the hero is the perfect counter to enemy compositions with crowd control skills. His ultimate, Time Journey, makes him and all his allies immune to control effects for three seconds.

And that’s not all he has to offer. When built with offensive items, the damage on his Auto Alarm Bomb is too hard to ignore. He can plant multiple bombs, all of which chase enemy heroes who come near it before it explodes. This makes him viable in the midlane position as well.

How do you deal with such an annoying hero? MPL ID analyst Ryan “KB” Batistuta shares three ways on how you can play against Diggie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Time Journey does not only remove crowd control effects, but also provides a shield to nearby allies.

Who works best against lineups with a lot of shield effects? Esmeralda. She is your best bet if you want to use Time Journey to your advantage.

Esmeralda’s first skill, Frostmoon Shield, absorbs all the shields of nearby enemies, with a cap of 50% of her max HP. Once Diggie activates his ultimate, Esmeralda can use Frostmoon Shield and remove the shields of all the enemies around him for her own.

Diggie is a slow-moving hero and his skills require timing, which makes agile heroes who have multiple mobility skills good to use against him, which is why Claude is a great marksman to counter Diggie.

Claude’s bread and butter skill, Battle Mirror Image, can bait Diggie to prematurely use Time Journey. He can then use the skill again to return back to his original position if things go wrong in the team fight.

Other heroes with high mobility and damage such as Fanny and Joy are also good picks.

Diggie is a hard support that thrives in creating plays for his team and helping them get out of sticky situations.

Instead of focusing on shutting down Diggie, KB recommends picking support heroes that can help either your marksman or jungler survive, as they have a better chance of carrying the team to victory.

Heroes that provide valuable help to your teammates are Rafaela, Angela, or Estes. These heroes can provide necessary buffs, such as heals.

Even overpowered roamer heroes have weaknesses. Here are three effective counters for popular roamers Masha, Selena, and Joy.

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