Entity reveals its 2023 roster for the DPC, adding Watson

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Dec 09

Entity, the Indian organization that competes in the WEU division of the DPC has unveiled its new roster for the 2023 season. With four returning members, and a new addition in Alimzhan “watson” Islambekov, the squad looks poised to attempt a repeat of its initial season of success in the DPC. The roster was announced on Entity’s social media on Dec. 7.

Watson steps into the carry position replacing van “Pure” Moskalenko, who was a standout player for Entity in 2022. In many ways, Pure’s signing was a steal for Entity. The organization picked the player up from free agency after the latter had been embroiled in controversy.

Pure was removed from the Outsiders organization after drawing a symbol supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a game. Outsiders, a banner that the Virtus.pro players were playing under, were on thin ice due to their parent companies links to the Russian establishment. As a result, Pure was removed from the team and sent into free agency.

After an apology video and a bit of time had passed, Entity, a struggling organization at that point, took a chance on Pure. And the rest is history. However, it seems to have been a temporary arrangement, as Pure departed the org several days ago.

In his stead, Watson takes up the carry role on the roster for Entity in 2023. Watson Moves to the team from Hellraisers, where he had lead a surprise resurgence for the EEU team. One of Kazakhstan’s standout stars, the player had been active for B8 and Hellraisers throughout 2021-2022. On Hellraisers, he contributed heavily to the team’s victory in the DPC EEU 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II. Evidently his carry performance caught the eyes of some players in upper division. He now finds himself on a Division I team.

As mentioned Entity are set to play in Division I of the WEU DPC in 2023. For more details on the DPC and all its teams, roster moves, and action, keep your eyes peeled on Esports.gg.

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