Revamped STARLIGHT UI's Exchangables

Frenzy Official
Dec 09

Advance server UPdate : Starlight Fragment
New exchange item intro

The newly revamped STARLIGHT UI will have a new Exchangable item which is the Starlight Fragment.
(Visually look like a puzzle piece)

When the revamped STARLIGHT UI is finally released on Official Server, our current Starlight Exchangables will be converted into Starlight Fragments.

After that only Magic Chess's Starlight will be using the old Exchangables such as the current Starlight Magic Fragment (the broken diamond shaped purple thing), Starlight Coins & Starlight Gem.

After the revamp update system will automatically swap our old Starlight Exchangables with the new Starlight Fragments.

The following is the exchange rate from Starlight items to Starlight Fragments

.1× Starlight Magic Fragment >> 1× Starlight

.1× Starlight Coin >> 200× Starlight Fragments

.1× Starlight Gem = 500× Starlight Fragments

Hope you players understand it👹

Pictures credits to Dual Blade Gamerz
Terima kasih Dual


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