Bolt-action sniper Rifle M200 is coming soon in Update 2.4

Rendang daging26
Dec 10

In Pubg Mobile in the upcoming 2.4 update there is a new gun M200 is coming in this Update.

This weapon is counted in Bolt Action sniper rifles.We can discuss this weapon Feature with Advantages.

In you can use different attachments to make the weapon stable and more powerful that will increase the capacity of bullets from 5 to 7 rounds.Compensator, Flash hider and suppressor is used as attachment and also all type scope is fixed on this Weapon.

This is Available in new mode in Update 2.4 Expected in Erangle Map

✓ Damage:
The M300 is a highly damaged weapon.This is M200 will deal Damage between 120 -> 250 Range. Target 🎯 get down in a one bullets headshot and two or three body shots to knockout the enemy.

✓ Capacity:
This weapon has a capacity of 5 to 7 bullets in one magazine.

✓ Recoil
This weapon has a very low Recoiled due log Barrel weapon,but this weapon has points available to adjust attachment help to reduce recoil.

✓ Firing Mode
This weapon has a single mode only mostly use for long range.

Whats your opinion related to this weapon?

Share your feedback Thank you.

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