[PMNC] Assert your dominance!

Dec 10 · Moderator

Day 1 of PMNC PlayOffs has ended with a surprisingly dominant from an amateur team, well the team is...not the players.

RAV3N is a team consist of some ex players from The Academy which is a team sponsored by Daddyhood and HomeBois. It was chosen in a tournament and those who won will stay with HomeBois in gaming warehouse.(D3V Empire won that tournament)

It is not known when they split up to go their own way,or the contract had come to an end. But RAV3N showed a very impressive performance so far with over 35 points gap between them and runners-up.

Will RAV3N keep their consistency in Day 2 or will they flop because of pressure? Let's hope for the best and may all the best qualify.

(Only Top 8 will go to PMPL Qualifier)

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