EG Back on Top! Win BTS Pro Series Season 13 Americas

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Dec 12

Evil Geniuses (EG) are your BTS Pro Series Season 13 Americas Champions after a very close Grand Finals victory over TSM. 

This tournament also saw Moonmeander the last time as a player. he will switch to the Head Coach position on TSM going into the upcoming season.

Coming in directly in the playoffs, EG and TSM were undoubtedly the favorites to win the $40,000 tournament. They faced off against teams that had to play in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the tournament, getting the much-needed warmup and practice. However, the sheer caliber of the players on these two teams ensured they were able to survive through the playoffs.

The first time the two teams met each other in the online tournament was in the upper bracket finals. EG won that series comfortably with a 2-0 score, sending TSM down to the lower bracket finals.TSM eliminated beastcoast setting up a rematch against Evil Geniuses in the Grand finals.

Coming in prepared to take on their nemesis, TSM took the first two games of the series. The pressure was all on Evil Geniuses as they had to complete a reverse sweep if they had to win the tournament.

Bryle’s Ember Spirit was instrumental in Game 2, destroying Evil Geniuses lineup. He went 18-0, without a single death in the entire game. However, Evil Geniuses were prepared for Game 3 and they picked a Rubick and Silencer combination to counter the TSM composition. It definitely worked to their advantage as Bryle’s Ember went 7-11 in the third game.

Having figured out how to break through the TSM compositions, Evil Geniuses were able to dominate their opponents. Game 4 saw Pandaboo pick up the Clockwork for the first time in his professional career. Clockwork had a very impactful performance throughout the game, often targeting the enemy cores and managing to kill them with ease as well.

With this victory, Evil Geniuses are now the victors of BTS Pro Series Season 13. They take home $18,000 in prize money and the prestige of winning the first tournament post-TI11.

EG recently picked up a South American Dota 2 roster ahead of the start of DPC 2023. With this BTS Pro Series Season 13 victory, EG have firmly cemented themselves as a strong contender in the upcoming season of DPC.

Stay tuned to esports for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.Featured Image Credit: Evil Geniuses Twitter.

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