The Shiniest Hats in Dota 2 – all 22 Arcanas released so far

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Dec 12

If there’s one thing Dota 2 players like more than winning MMR, it’s cosmetics — shiny hats for their favorite heroes. Over the past decade, Valve has found different ways to package these cosmetics, from Treasures, Battle Passes and even Event-Exclusive items. Out of all these hats, the most sought after one is still without a doubt the Arcana.

The Arcana is a specific item rarity, the only one greater than Immortals. So what is an Arcana? It’s about as decked out in terms of effects and special features an item can be. Usually, it gives the hero it belongs to custom Spell Effects, Icons and a completely different theme. On top of that, special interactions that play into focal parts of a hero are also part of the deal. For example, for every kill a Phantom Assassin gets with her Arcana, a fallen blade will mark the corpse of that opponent’s death.

It’s this unparalleled level of customization that makes Arcanas some of the most sought-after cosmetics in Dota 2. We’re going to show off all 22 Arcanas released to date, and highlight some of their key features.

Released on Mar. 7, 2013 – the Fiery Soul of the Slayer is the first ever Arcana. This “Head” slot item changes Lina’s idle animation, and ability icons for Fiery Soul and Dragon Slave. It also modifies the Dragon Slave spell effect. This overall look is a homage to the original Lina in DotA Allstars.

With this Arcana being almost a decade old, many fans have asked for an update or refresh on it’s custom effects. Whether that ever ends up happening, is something only time will tell.

Shortly after that came the release of Legion Commander’s Arcana — the Blades of Vosh Domosh. Tied to the release of the hero, it also featured a whole host of different effects. On top of a new look for all LC’s animations, the Arcana features a Duel Victory counter for her Duel. This arcana gives Legion a set of hellbound blades, and a much darker and evil look.

After the success of the hero and arcana release recipe, Valve repeated the move with Terrorblade. The Demon Marauder was released in January of 2014, alongside his Fractal Horns of the Inner Abysm Arcana. Notably, replacing the item’s base prismatic gem with another would also change it’s color. On top of being able to paint their Terrorblade any shade they wanted, players also were treated to the full suite of custom animations and spell effects. The item also introduced a custom death animation for heroes slain by Terrorblade.

The complete removal of Terrorblade’s face in this Arcana is what makes the item absolutely frightening.

The Swine of the Sunken Galley Arcana for Techies heralded an age of chaos for Dota 2. As if the release of the hero wasn’t enough — the universally reviled trio now had an infuriating set to boot. This Arcana changed all of Techies’ mines and explosion animations, along with their moving animations.

Whether its pig theme is a coincidence or not, I’ll leave to you to decide.

A mere 21 days after Techies came the Demon Eater Arcana for Shadow Fiend, on Sep. 25, 2014. Similarly to Lina, this Arcana was actually one of the original models for the hero. The superstar mid players who love the hero now had a fiery oomph to all their spells.

The Arcana came with a Three Shadow Raze combo gem, as if the flaming swagger wasn’t enough.

2014 might have well been a Dota 2 Christmas with the amount of new releases. The Manifold Paradox Arcana came with a unique event, where players had to either help or deny a Phantom Assassin from finding her mark. This Arcana was also the first to be voted by the community via the International Battle Pass. In line with the theme of an assassin travelling through timelines, the item featured glitchy and jarring particles and sound effects.

Besides, who doesn’t love duel-wielding?

Released in 2015, it didn’t add much to the theme of basic Crystal Maiden. The spell animations and battlefield interactions were where the money was though. On top of crispier spell effects and a sick ultimate hailstorm, CM now had a cute little puppy friend named Aurora!

The Zeus Arcana was the second winner of the community voting contest during the International 2015. It gives Zeus a little cloud to fly on and is also compatible with his Immortal items. Not to mention he looks a lot godlier than in his normal hero model.

Shortly after the hero’s release in 2016, the Monkey King Arcana made its way into Dota 2. Also compatible with the Monkey King Immortal, this Arcana features a model color change with every level you put into his ultimate ability. It also changes the color of his Primal Spring and Tree Dance ability and gives him a custom cloud that he flies on when his movement speed is above 400.

Released in 2017 as the third winner of the community vote for the International, the Juggernaut Arcana also changes his look and abilities. It has an unlockable style that you can get if you get 10 kills with Omnislash. He also is given a new voice and his abilities have a bunch of dragons flying around when they are cast and activated.

Released 2 months after the Jugg Arcana, Io’s arcana was the runner up of the International vote. This time, the Arcana could be earned through progressing to Battle Pass Level 245 for the 2017 TI. The Arcana is a direct reference to one of the Valve’s other titles, Portal. It turns Io into a Box rather than it’s usual ball form.

A fan favorite Dota hero, the Pduge Arcana released in 2018 as voted on during the International. This Arcana gives Pudge a bunch more hooks, but these float on their own. It also changes up his color scheme to red and can change to green when Pudge kills Rubick 12 times. Not sure why it’s Rubick specifically but I’ll leave the lore to Slacks.

Releasing at the end of 2018, the Rubick Arcana was another fan voted Arcana. Again, compatible with Rubick’s immortal items, this Arcana was perhaps the most ambitious yet. As you win with Rubick, the Arcana gives you access to custom versions of spells that Rubick steals from other heroes.

This Arcana was part of the 2019 International Battlepass, only received if players leveled it to level 365. The Arcana gives a stary effect to Earthshaker and is heavily inspired by stars and constellations. It has an alternate unlockable style that turns red when you reach 500 kills or assists with Echo Slam.

The winner of the 2019 International community voting, this Arcana released at the end of the year in December. The Arcana gives Ogre a new color scheme of red and gold and gives them a funny looking dodo bird mount. Compatible with Ogre’s Immortals, the Arcana also features and unlockable purple and blue style when you get 500 gem points.

Awarded to those who leveled the International 10 Battlepass to level 375, in 2020, the Wraith King Arcana takes the hero back to his original Skeleton King roots with a new twist. The Arcana changes up some of normal animations and changing the abilities and icons of all of his skills. There is also an unlockable style for those who kill 100 unique heroes with Wraith King.

The QoP Arcana was runner up to the 2015 International Community vote but was awarded to those who got to level 445 on the International 10 Battlepass, in 2020. It changes up her color scheme to red and changes to look of her abilities, even changing her auto attack to a whip when she gets in melee range. Her Sonic Wave also gets a combo meter depending on how many heroes she hits, plus an unlockable Arcana style in blue after she hits 1000 heroes.

This Arcana was another runner up in the community vote, this time from 2019. Released in 2020, the Arcana was given to those who got the International 10 Battlepass to 575. It gives new custom effects to all of Windranger’s abilities, giving her a new flowing look. It also has an unlockable style you gain after dealing 2,500,000 damage with Focus Fire.

The last Arcana was released in June 2021. Part of the Nemestice Battle Pass, the Arcana was the winner of last years community vote and can only be gained by reaching level 330 in the Battlepass, causing some controversy. The Arcana changes Spectre’s color scheme to add more greys and also changes her abilities and gives her a custom effect with Radiance and Blade Mail.

Drow Ranger received a brutally cool Arcana for the Aghanim’s Labyrinth Battle Pass in 2021. “Through the eyes of the mad mask, Traxex glimpsed forgotten memories of her youth. But in addition to her own repressed terrors, the mask revealed much more…”

For The International 2022 Battle Pass, Faceless Void got their own Arcana in the form of this squid faced monster that evokes the original DotA model. “This once-devoted Acolyte of Clasz has turned oathbreaker, betraying his faith and stealing a measure of power from his god’s unknowable expanse. But that connection to Clasz has opened a terrible gateway, and now the faceless usurper must find victims to meet his former master’s endless need — or be consumed by that world-rending power himself.”

Also coming with The International 2022 Battle Pass is Razor’s Voidstorm Asylum Arcana. Razor’s iconic whip is swapped out in the Arcana for a sword and shield, which is quite a design change, given Razor’s affinity for the whip. The Arcana comes with the Arcana standard of tons of custom effects alongside custom item icons for Phase Boots, Eul’s Scepter and Wind Waker. On top of that, there’s the alternate style, which is unlocked after getting 500 kills with more than 100 damage stolen with Static Link. This alternate style has more of a weathered copper color and turns Razor into a water creature and looks even better than Morphling.

These are all of the Arcanas in the game! We hope you have enjoyed looking back at old favorites and new creations.

Image credits to the Dota Wiki and Dota website!

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