Get In Side The Military Base's Building Wall

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

As we all know that the Military Base is the one of the hotdrop area of PUBG Mobile.
Hare is a best place for camping and best those who played solo vs duo or squad.

As we also know the befits of Cycle in PUBG Mobile we can you it many wasy so for this trick we are going to use a cycle.

There is a building near military base main buildings as show in screenshot. Park the cycle on the wall by pressing jump button as shown in screenshot.

Press drive and exit button again and again you will enter in the wall. We can throw nade and any throwable and also use health.

Note: use this trick only for Trolling and camping. You can kill bot but don't kill enemies otherwise you will get ban. Because gliches support unfair game play.

Have you know this glich before?

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