Dec 13

The 2022 PMNC MY has finished its run last weekend, and our champions have been crowned.

Biggest congratulations to team RAV3N for emerging victorious with 216 total points! They are the only team that surpassed 3 digits exclusively in placement points (116 pts) and elimination points (100 pts). They also managed to obtain 4 WWCDs of 15 matches played. The team consists of RiLL, Mikiiyy, Kenny, Neyzu, Aniq and Tamm. Tamm was a HomeBois player during the PMPL 2022 season but almost all of them fought their way through since they were under the names of The Academy and D3V Silence.

The Gringos Esports (TGE) had an amazing last game to push themselves to the top and finished 2nd place with 165 points (51 points behind RAV3N). TGE have previously attempted to qualify through last year's PMNC but fell off in the end. However, the bounced back this season and obtained 3 WWCDs to become the championship's runner up.

AE Glazer (Glazer before AE acquired them), another team-to-watch team from the amateur-tier tournaments this year proved that they are among the best teams around, finishing 3rd place with 164 points and 2 WWCDs. Other performing teams in the Playoffs needed to be mentioned are Miri Mob Borneo and 4Rivals Central as teams who are made of solo-qualifying players from PMCT, finished 7th (119 pts) and 13th (77pts, 1 WWCD) respectively 👏🏻

At the moment, no seeding allocations were announced on how many teams will be advancing to the 2023 PMPL. Something fishy here, there could be a surprise coming down the line 👀 But if we take how many relegated Malaysian teams from 2022 PMPL MSP Fall, we could assume Top 2 will advance but who knows for sure right?

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