Dec 13

With the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) season arriving this month and one in our region (Malaysia) just recently ended, why not we check out the national championships in some other regions? Let's first take a look the PMNC is our neighbouring country; 🇮🇩 Indonesia.

The PMNC Indonesia begins today (Dec 13th) and will end this Sunday on Dec 18th. The championship is divided into 2 stages; Playoffs and Grand Finals!
In the Playoffs (Dec 13th - 14th), 16 teams from various tournaments such as Red Bull M.E.O S4, PMCT, Piala Presiden Esports, PMCC & PMJC (S4 & S5) will battle across 10 matches to determine the top 8 teams to advance to the Grand Finals this weekend.
As for the Grand Finals (Dec 16th - 18th), 8 teams from the Playoffs will be joined with 4 relegated teams from 2022 PMPL ID Fall as well as champions from PMCT, PMCC & PMJC (S4 & S5) will play across 18 matches to find the Top 4 teams to advance to the 2023 PMPL Indonesia Spring.

For detailed and up-to-date information on 2022 PMNC ID, yall can stop by on the Liquipedia page for the event as it will be live updated by the lovely Indonesian editors:

Which teams do you think will perform and advance to 2023 PMPL ID? Catch the action this week on official PUBG Mobile Indonesia socials if you have the time. #BeTheOne

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