Clash Royale Clashmas December 2022 Update & Balance Changes

Dec 14

Supercell is introducing a number of Quality of Life changes in Clash Royale, along with some balance changes as a part of their December 2022 Clashmas Update. Despite being a minor update, there will be a number of Balance changes effective December 12th, 2022. Let us have a walkthrough of the Clashmas December 2022 Update in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Clashmas December 2022 Update: Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements

Emote Management

Image via Supercell
Players can now select their favorite emotes, which will be put at the start of the expanded Emote selector during Battles and Clan Chat. Players can add an Emote to the Wish List, by clicking on the favorites option. They can get notified when it appears in the Shop!

Updated Leaderboard

Clan Leaderboard

The Clan and Friends leaderboards can now rank players based on the following criteria:

  • Ranked Rating
  • Trophies
  • League (Tiebreaker)

Players who have not yet reached Ultimate Champion League will still be ranked by Trophies. Instead, players with a ranked Rating will have it on the display.

Top Royales Leaderboard


Players are now displayed in the Path of Legends leaderboard.


Clan Trophies are calculated, based on the trophies of the members of a Clan. Developers have added a “Clan Legend Score”, which uses Clan members’ ranked ratings to determine the Clans’ rating. There is a toggle for both of these scores.
Both scores use the existing calculation:

  • 50% of the 10 highest players
  • 25% of the next 10 highest
  • 12% of the next 10 highest
  • 10% of the next 10 highest
  • 3% of the bottom 10 players

Clash Royale Clashmas December 2022 Update: New items and more

New Magic Item: Card Boost Potion

The Card Boost Potion in Clash Royale will temporarily boost one of the Card Levels to match the Tower Power.

  • Boosted cards are highlighted in the Card Collection
  • Tapping a Boosted card shows much time remains on the Boost
  • Card Boosts apply in all game modes that use their own Card Collection
  • Boost Duration: 1 hour
  • Max Inventory limit: 8
  • The items give 500 Gold if the Inventory is maxed

Players can receive a Card Boost Potion from the following places:

  • Daily Tasks
  • Pass Royale
  • Path of Legends
  • Challenges
  • The Shop.

Alongside the new Magic Item, players also have some visual changes to Seasonal Card Boosts in the Card Collection.

Clan Gifts

Players can spread the Clashmas Cheer by buying gifts for their Clanmates in the shop! To be eligible for Clan gifts, players must be a member of the Clan, when they are purchased

Clash Royale Clashmas December 2022 Update: Balance Changes


Minions and Minion Horde (Buffed)

Minions have been struggling lately, therefore, more damage has been added up to their sleeves.

  • Damage: +15%
  • For Minion Horde, the deployed radius has been increased, as per space between the Minions.

Mighty Miner (Buffed)

With Monk’s arrival, the use of Mighty Miner has been subjectively less used. This buff will help him to reach Crown Towers in more cases.
Movement Speed: Medium > Fast

Phoenix (Nerfed)

This nerf provides more counterplay for Phoenix, which is now evident as Lightning now destroys Phoenix. This decreases the overall strength of the card.
Hitpoints: -13%

Monk (Nerfed)

The strongest champion in the game, Monk’s increase in Elixir cost will make it a much more elixir-heavy card.
Elixir cost: 4 > 5

Goblin Hut (Rework)

Goblin Hut will go through a bit of rework in this December 2022 Update.

  • Spear Goblins spawned per wave: 1 > 3 (0.5sec between each spawn)
  • Lifetime: 31sec > 29sec
  • Spawn Frequency: 4sec > 10sec
  • Spear Goblins total: 11 > 12

Rage (Rework)

  • Spell Damage is added, which scales with Card Level.
  • Smaller radius.
  • Fixed Duration, which no longer scales with Card Level.

These Balance changes will work well for the future, and see a much more balanced use of troops and spells in the game. The Lumberjack card will also be on the list of reworks.

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