Dec 15

Another time of day, another region to see of the PUBG Mobile National Championships (PMNC) series. This time, let me take you through another PMNC that is currently ongoing around the Southeast Asia region, and this is a region that we have recently shared our pro league with; the 🇵🇭 Philippines.

The PMNC PH 2022 will have a month-long league structure divided into 3 stages that will span until the end of January 2023, starting from the Open Qualifiers (Dec 10th - 18th), Group Stage (Jan 6th - 22nd) and Grand Finals (Jan 28th - 29th). A detailed calendar of the championship is as follows;

At the moment, the championship is moving into the Phase 2 of the Qualifiers where the top teams of each group (apply to Phase 1 as well) will advance to the Group Stages. A total of 64 teams (including 12 invited teams from PMCT PH and other third-party events) will be participating in the Group Stage as they fight for Top 4 rankings in each group (16 teams total) to advance to the Grand Finals.

Now, here is an interesting part; recently a format explainer video was released on the PUBG Mobile Philippines Esports Facebook page and one particular section caught my eye. See the screenshot below:

It seems like top teams will represent their nation in the PMPL SEA Wildcard 2023. This is some interesting news for us to hear! Will this confirm that PH (and potentially SG too) is moving out of our combined PMPL MY/SG/PH league and will instead combine with other SEA countries? And will Malaysia finally have its own standalone league? Only time will tell 👀

And that is all for the news of PMNC PH for now, see you next time as I'll take you on a trip through some other regions 👋🏻

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Philippines Esports)

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