PUBG MOBILE C4S10 Tier Rewards

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

Next Season will be available in mid of January. As we know every season brings excited tier rewards.

Here are Some leaks of Next season Tier Rewards.

1) Bronze

We get supply Crate Coupon.

2) Silver

We get Classic Crate Coupon.

3) Gold

As we know that at Gold we get Outfit and it will be in green colour as shown in screenshot.

4) Platinum

On Platinum we get Glasses which shown in screenshot.

5) Dimond

In next season on Dimond we will get Aug Gun skin. As shown in screenshot.

6) Crown

We will get Tier protection card as usual.

7) Ace

On ace we will get green color Mask.

8) Ace Master

We will get head cover which will be also in green.

For further Tiers Ace dominater and Conqueror rewards will be same.

What you think about upcoming season Tier Rewards? Share your thoughts.

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