The 3 best heroes to counter Alice in Mobile Legends

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Dec 15

Updated on December 2, 6 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

How does one defeat the strongest demon in the Land of Dawn?

Alice, The Queen of the Blood Demons, is a unique mage hero in the sense that unlike most who need to deal damage from afar, she gets stronger the more enemy heroes surround her. She can teleport in and out of a team fight with Flowing Blood and set up clutch plays with Blood Awe.

Her ultimate, Blood Ode, sends her into a frenzy as she deals damage and heals HP with every enemy hero and minion caught in its area of effect. The ultimate lasts until Alice runs out of Mana or the skill is cast again.

This makes her a tanky hero in the later stages of the game and one of the best team fight initiators. If you find yourself up against Alice, these three heroes are all you need to stop the demonic threat from dominating your ranked game.

Alpha is an excellent pick against tanky heroes or those who need to get close to deal damage all the time. And it’s all because of his passive, Beta, Advance! which lets him deal true damage.

Alpha is also difficult to kill thanks to his own sustain skill, Force Swing. He also has no mana bar, which means that he is also a great poke hero in the laning phase. If the queen of the Blood Demons tries to get away, he can use his Spear of Alpha ultimate to close the gap and stun her at the same time.

In this matchup, make sure to prioritize Radiant Armor above all else, especially if she goes for Clock of Destiny or Enchanted Talisman. Otherwise, go for Dominance Ice or War Axe.

Why not counter a sustain-heavy hero with another hero that’s extremely difficult to put down? That’s right, an expert Argus can shut down any sustain-heavy hero in a heartbeat.

Argus can survive Alice’s onslaught with Eternal Evil, rendering him invulnerable to any fatal damage for a few seconds. All attacks thrown at him will also be converted to his own HP, forcing Alice to cancel Blood Ode in team fights.

Moreover, Argus has a great gap closer with his second skill, Demonic Grip. If you are laning against her, always make it a habit to poke her and go all-in once you have your ultimate up. The Sprint battle spell is a game-changer in this matchup, or Execute if your team composition has a lot of crowd control and gap closers.

Unlike Alpha and Argus, Harley brings a different playstyle. Harley is great if you want to burst Alice down quickly, as opposed to facing her head-on.

Many heroes can burst down Alice, but what makes Harley stand out is his passive, Magic Master, which lowers the magic defense of enemies with each skill.

Top it off with his ultimate, Deadly Magic, which deals a ton of damage if you hit all of your Poker Trick cards, and bam! Alice won’t know what hit her. One Poker Trick-Deadly Magic combo from Harley at max level will instantaneously kill a beefy Alice at around 50% health. It’s that powerful.

Assassin hero Joy is also a great counter to the queen of demons because of her mobility skills and sustain, here’s a guide on how to play her. Alternatively, here’s a guide for mage hero Julian, another hero you can try out against the queen of the demons.

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