RobbaN: “Mid-Inferno, we started playing like the FaZe that we should be.”

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Dec 15

FaZe’s opener at BLAST Premier World Finals started off with a scary Nuke loss to G2. NiKo’s squad maintained that momentum early on Inferno, but Robert “RobbaN” Dahlström’s troops eventually managed to win the map in Overtime before running G2 out of the server on Ancient. We talked to the coach RobbaN after the match to get his thoughts on the game.

Arnav “xL” Shukla: Let’s start off with Nuke. The last time G2 played the map was another win against FaZe back at EPL. The game started off back and forth, ending in a close 8-7 half. But on the T side, FaZe kinda fell flat. What would you attribute the loss to?

RobbaN: “It was still a close game. We lost both pistols and didn’t get any momentum. We lost a cheap round at the end of the CT side. They won like a Deagle half-buy. They got 8 rounds on the T side of Nuke, and it’s not good enough on the CT side, I will say.”

Still, we gave everything to Nuke. I think they won the last time too. Honestly, we were pretty surprised by the pick. We didn’t have that much preparation on Nuke coz we didn’t expect the pick.

xL: m0NESY, NiKo, and JKS were all fragging out, did that cause you guys any issues on Nuke?

RobbaN: “No, not really, it doesn’t really matter like that for us. In the end, we made too many mistakes in the important rounds, and that cost us Nuke.” 

xL: So over on Inferno, again, a super close map. You guys were neck and neck. FaZe won that eco round that took you all the way to 14. But G2 locked in matchpoint first, and you went into OT. Thoughts on Inferno?

RobbaN: “Inferno was our pick. We were very much prepared for Inferno. We know how we want to play. I think they had a pretty good start. I think NiKo had a couple of tough rounds in banana. He closed us down, I think they had a 6-1 lead or something.

So it was a slow start for us, but then we got some momentum, and we grinded a lot of T rounds. We got 7 or 8 T rounds, which is more than enough on Inferno. They played well. I’d say could’ve gone either way, obviously. In overtime, we’re normally very strong, and yeah important to close it out.”

xL: Ancient was an easy win, with a dominant CT side. Overall are you satisfied with the team;’s performance in the match?

RobbaN: “I’m very satisfied. I think mid-Inferno, something happened to us. It was a really slow start in terms of comms and energy. But mid-Inferno, we started playing like the FaZe that we should be. And that’s what I want to keep doing for the rest of the tournament.”

xL: Playing Liquid next. Thoughts on that matchup?

RobbaN: “Very interesting matchup, Liquid is a good team. We’ve practised against them a lot. I think they are very skilled players. Twistzz’ ex-team, of course, we’re gonna do everything to win. It’s a tough team, but it should be a good matchup for us.”

xL: For the BLAST Premier World Finals overall, you’re feeling confident?

RobbaN: “Yeah, I think we have stepped up. The last BLAST we came to the finals, we could’ve won it. A close final. I think we’re playing much better now than we did for a few tournaments, so we’re gonna do our best.”

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