k0nfig: “I think playing for a different team will make it easier for me to play well. There’s a good opportunity for me to play really well in Heroic.”

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Dec 15

k0nfig’s unceremonious departure from Astralis left many questions about his future unanswered. But right before the end of the year, we’ve got the Danish star coming back to LAN as a stand-in for Heroic. Can he help Heroic continue their BLAST success at the World Finals?

Arnav “xL” Shukla: Finally back in the server tomorrow. How’s the injury recovery going?

k0nfig: Going really good both physically and mentally. I’m really excited to actually play a big tournament again. I know I haven’t been out for that long, but I’ve recovered, and I’m ready to actually play the game again.

xL: The break must’ve been tough with your future up in the air. how have you been keeping in shape for the matches?

k0nfig: I’ve been playing DM, Surf, KZ, and FaceIT. I just played all the regular stuff that I usually do and just watched games watched demos. I’m trying not to renew myself but keep in touch with the meta changes.

xL: This event, in the eyes of some, is a statement from you. Are you ready to prove again that k0nfig is here to stay at the top?

k0nfig: Well, I don’t feel like this is going to change anything. I feel like I’ve been at the top for a really long time. I don’t feel like if I have a bad tournament here, it shows that I’m not a good player. It would be nice to play well, but it is not necessary

xL: Even before your departure from Astralis your performance had been up and down for a while. Have you considered any steps to make it more consistent? Or do you think the inconsistency comes with the entry role?

k0nfig: I think playing for a different team will make it easier for me to play well. There’s a good opportunity for me to play really well in Heroic. I haven’t really changed anything in me. I know that I’m good. I’m a good player, and I’m a good teammate, so I’ll just focus on myself and then remember all the starts that Casper [cadiaN] has taught me and just do my thing.

xL: How have the roles been working for you in practice?

k0nfig: It’s been pretty good, I feel like we’re learning stuff every time we play. I think we are really innovative and just a good team that keeps the team spirit up and keeps a good mood. So I’m really excited to actually play on stage. It’s always different between stage and practice.

xL: So, the recent M4A1 changes have been a big discussion point. As someone with an impeccable first-bullet aim on the AK, do you think the change is good for the balance of the game?

k0nfig: Of course, I think it’ll affect the balance of the game because the nerf has made others player switch to the M4A4 instead of the silenced one. I feel like it’s easier to peek with the AK, and it’s easier to kill the CT when they’re standing in all-in duels. I haven’t seen it in official games yet, but in practice, it feels easier as T right now.

xL: The new map Anubis. How have you been liking it so far?

k0nfig: I’ve only played it in FaceIT so far. I haven’t touched it in practice with the team. I think it needs editing, but I think it can be developed into a really good map. I feel like it has a lot of stuff to offer, but I feel like changes are needed, but I don’t know how to do it.

xL: For this event, you are starting against OG. what are your thoughts on that matchup?

k0nfig: I feel like it’s a good matchup for us. I know that they like to play against them in Heroic. I also liked to play against them when I was in Astralis. They are a firepower-heavy team, and they have good players, good aimers, and they also have a good in-game leader, so it’s gonna be a tough match, so we’re gonna do what we have to do and try to come out on top.

xL: And overall, how are you feeling about continuing the momentum that heroic had from the fall finals?

k0nfig: You can definitely feel that there’s motivation and there’s team spirit and power, so I’m just feeding off it and learning from what the players have to say, and I can’t wait to experience it.

xL: Looking towards 2023, what are your plans for the year? Do you have any offers yet?

k0nfig: I have offers, but I’m not gonna settle on anything yet. I feel like I have to wait and collect different offers and figure out where I’d fit best coz I feel like talking a decision too fast is probably gonna hurt me as an individual because you have to sign a contract for probably two years and starting a new project is really exciting, but I don’t think I’m there in my career yet to build a new project as I had in Complexity. So I’m just waiting for the right offer to arrive.

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