【Daily Topic】The 3 most difficult heroes in ml!

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Dec 15

Regarding "the most difficult hero in ml", I think the first one you think of is Fanny.
Today I will talk about the 3 most difficult heroes to use besides Fanny

Benedetta has a lot of blinks, even N basic atk has two modes! The damage will be slightly less, and you must rely on skill combos to get an advantage! In addition, the 2 skills also has the ability to be immune to damage, which is very uncomfortable for a hero with only one burst skill.
Difficulty 9★

Lancelot is also a hero who relies on blinks to output,The biggest difficulty for lance is how to accurately release his skill 1 or how to reset his skill 1 cooldown .As you catch the right timing, you can fly directly into the tower and kill people forcibly!
Difficulty 8★

There is also ling with multiple displacements,For benedetta, her blick position is fixed,But ling is different, not only has a lot of blicks, and also the position of the blink can change with the position of the enemy, it is because of the difficulty of ling that it is easier, and the enemy cannot escape easily.
Difficulty 7★

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