PUBG MOBILE: M16A4 Skin Upgraded in Upcoming Premium Crate

Aleena Zafar
Dec 25

As we know PUBG Mobile start bringing old Upgraded gun skins in pubg mobile. In last crate we see M249 Upgraded skin and many legendary items.

So the Next Upcoming Premium crate will be surprising because it will include Skeletal Core M16A4 that uses 5.56 mm ammo and upgrade till level 7 and many other surprising legendary items.

At level 6 the gun skin change its color from black to ruby red and adds the animation of a moving invertebrate.

At level 7 it contains the 'Loot Crate' tinged in red and covered by the skeleton of the invertebrate.

Before this skin was available with uc and in next few days we will get this gun skin free (by premium crates). So don't waste your premium crate if you want this skin. Start collecting premium crate as much as you can.

Are you excited about next Premium crate? And share how many premium crates do you have.

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