[PMGC] Slavery in eSports?

Dec 17 · Moderator

A few posts recently has been released on Warga J (Malaysia's best viral content for eSports) and it show the truth about the world behind the happy face of eSports.

On the post there are argument between one of HVVP players and The CEO? of Stalwart eSports. It's all started after the LCQ when The CEO? Proposed to sponsor HVVP but They rejected it. The rejection is caused by the low amount of pay offered by STE and that sparked an argument between them.

One of the players stated that if the pay is lower than 35000 USD they wouldn't accept it (not sure if it's monthly for teams or yearly for players). In response the CEO said they should be grateful and know their worth because they didn't qualify to the GrandFinals. HVVP then in response said that it's a good thing they didn't took the offer if they gonna deal with someone like him,and glad Madbulls didn't took their offer as well.

The CEO in return say that the deal between Madbulls didn't end just yet and right then,a player from Madbulls rejected STE offers in the comment section saying that they won't play with STE's "Slavery contract".

This is not the first time this had happens in eSports, Aerowolf ( Indonesian team ) all had a case where the manager didn't pay the players their prize money and disbanded because of it.

With all said, the question of the day, would you dare invest in eSports if you knew the harsh reality of the players?

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