PMNC Brasil 2022 Report 🇧🇷 | 2022 PMNC BR

Dec 19

Lots of PMNCs have happened last weekend and currently are happening in the weeks moving forward. This time, I will take you through one of the earliest PMNCs to finish which was 2 weeks ago; presenting PMNC Brasil 🏆
As an overview to Brasil's national championship, it started off with registrations that only lasted a week (Nov 7th - 13th), followed by the Open Qualifiers from Nov 15th - 20th. The Group Stage was held on Nov 29th - Dec 1st and featured a total of 32 teams consisting of 20 teams from the Quals, 7 teams from PMCO South America (Spring+Fall) and 3 teams from Snapdragon Conquest in which the Top 8 advanced to the Finals.

The Finals were held on Dec 7th - 8th (yes, it was in the middle of the weekdays) and saw 8 teams from the Group Stage and 8 relegated teams from PMPL Brasil Fall 2022 battling in 12 matches to determine the 2022 PMNC BR champion, $10,200 USD prizepool and 8 slots to 2023 PMPL Brasil! The overall standings of the Finals is as follows:

Congratulations to Black Dragon e-Sports (BDE) for winning their iteration of PMNC 2022; having collected 102 placement points and 64 elimination points, bringing to a total of 166 points as well as 3 WWCDs 🔥 The top 4; BDE alongside GZM, INTZ and FLA were the relegated teams from PMPL to re-affirm their spots to next split alongside BRK who finished in Top 6. Newcomer teams; ZM, SYFY & KiS were also victorious in advancing to the Pro League 👏🏻

For more information, you can check out the event's Liquipedia page here:

And that's all for PMNC Brasil, next up I'll be covering PMNC in the MEA region 👀

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