Have you ever been Harmed by your Teammates in Pubg mobile?

Rendang daging26
Dec 19

Pubg improve the player report system in current update because It is awful to be meliously harmed by your teammate.In the new version Pubg mobile have stepped up our punishment for harmful actions towards our team as for players, who harm their team mates based on the number of times their teammates were harm, well imposed merit deduction.

As well as punishment like banning them from matches. players that exhibit malicious behavior will be banned from matches for up to half an hour. As the same time malicious behavior accumulated across numerous matches repeat violation will result in merit deduction.

When the player's merit fall from 80, they will be restricted from team rank matches. if you counter any malicious behavior from your team mates, please report them via the official channel.

Share your feedback Thank you.

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