The Middle Eastern newcomers😎 | 2022 PMNC MEA Wildcard

Dec 19

Back here with another PMNC to cover, this time we are taking it to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region; the PMNC MEA Wildcard!

This year, there are a total of 4 PMNC iterations in the MEA region; Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and of course MEA Wildcard. PMNC MEA Wildcard will feature teams outside the other 3 PMNCs mentioned above as is the only one from the region that has ended while the others are ongoing (Saudi Arabia have not started yet).

To start things off, PMNC MEA Wildcard started with open registrations from Nov 9th - 25th, followed by the Open Qualifiers from Nov 28th - Dec 3rd. Then, the Group Stage held on Dec 8th - 9th saw 64 teams (32 from ME & 32 from Africa) fight for the Top 7 of their region to advance to the Semi-Finals on Dec 11th, in which 14 qualified teams alongside 6 teams from PMCO Africa (Spring+Fall) fought in 6 matches for 9 slots in the Finals.

In the Finals, 9 teams from the Semi-Finals (6 from Africa and 3 from ME) alongside 8 relegated teams from PMPL Africa and 3 relegated teams from PMPL Arabia (total 20 teams) competed across 3 days (Dec 15th - 17th) to find the PMNC champion, $30,000 USD prizepool as well as 5 slots to 2023 PMPL Africa and 2 slots to 2023 PMPL Arabia! The overall combined leaderboard is as follows;

Congratulations to Brute Force, BF (ME) for emerging as the grand champion with 168 total points, and they have secured their spot to PMPL Arabia alongside Team gQ! As for PMPL Africa, VGS, FED, Smash Team, BJE & 911 Team were able to qualify 👏🏻
(X Team were disqualified for unsportsmanship after Day 2)

For more information, you can check out the event's Liquipedia page here:

And that's all for PMNC MEA Wildcard, tomorrow we'll be coming back to the SEA region and looking at the results of PMNC Indonesia 👀

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports Africa)

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