New Royale Adventure #2

Kaya toast4887
Dec 20

Pubg Mobile comes Up With New Event And Crate For Players.Now They Give Royal Adventure Crate.
After starting an adventure, you will arrive at a random station. A certain amount of supplies are given as rewards at each station, and players will need to visit the stations along the route to collect supplies. After players reach a station, they can choose to collect the reward or to continue advancing. If they continue to advance, a random result will be announced. If they succeed, they will move to a station further along the route. If they fail, they will trigger different outcomes based on the event triggered.

IN This Royal Adventure Crate Two Mythic Beautiful Set One Is Sanguine Nightmare And One Frore Warden Set In it. One lovely Stray Rebellion M.249 and Some more items also in it you will get all items to redeem with Supplies and you will get Supplies From When you max Rp and Then you get Supplies From Rp Points.

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