The 3 best heroes to counter Ling

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Dec 20

Most Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players would ban Ling in their ranked games, but if you know how to deal with him, you can choose to take him head-to-head instead.

The main task of an assassin is to hunt down the opponent’s back line, especially the marksman and mage. One of the most played roles in MLBB, assassins can make or break the game.

Finch Poise allows him to move on top of walls, making him a highly mobile hero.

For damage, he relies on Defiant Sword, which has a short cooldown. Combined with his ultimate Tempest of Blade, his targets usually disappear in the blink of an eye.

However, no hero is perfect and Ling is no exception.

A fighter support hero who can do a lot of damage with Ring of Order even when Ling is on a wall, its slow effect will also reduce his mobility.

In addition, Divine Judgment is a nightmare because once he gets hit by this skill, he will be locked in place and burst down.

For more tips on how to play Kaja, check out this guide by global rank 2 Kaja, MrVii.

Ruby is a fighter who can stop this assassin in his tracks. Utilizing Don’t Run, Wolf King!, she can pull him off a wall and stun him for 0.5 seconds. The damage dealt with this skill will definitely be felt by him, who has low durability.

Her ultimate spell I’m Offended! possesses another pull mechanic – a second reason why Ling users have to be careful when dealing with Ruby.

Minsitthar is the one hero who was designed to deal with assassins due to his mechanics, which makes him a natural.

Spear of Glory can pull Ling from the top of a wall. Combined with Shield Assault, which stuns for one second, deals considerable damage, and gives him a shield, Minsitthar will always trade favorably against him.

By mastering any one of these heroes, Ling won’t be a cause of concern anymore.

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