Full roster of every team competing at the M4 World Championship

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Dec 20

The M4 World Championship will feature the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams fighting for the lion’s share of the US$800,000 prize pool.

The prestigious tournament will be held in Indonesia for the first time, in front of thousands of fans in one of the country’s biggest sports complexes.

Each of the qualified teams fought tooth and nail in their respective MPL and qualifier tournaments. In the end, only 16 teams will fly to Indonesia early next year to determine which team is the strongest.

Here’s a look at the full roster of every team competing at the M4 World Championship.

The three-time MPL PH champion will be competing with the same roster responsible for taking home the M3 World Championship crown. Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario are back in the lineup after taking a one-season break in Season 9.

ECHO is filled with veterans and rookies alike. After failing to qualify for M3, M2 World Championship Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno is back on the international stage, this time with the help of veterans Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera and Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales.

They also signed Sanford Marin “Sanford” Vinuya and Alston “Sanji” Pabico this season and will be their first time competing in an international tournament.

ONIC Esports signed superstar Kairi “Kairi” Rayodelsol in the offseason, who led the yellow hedgehog squad to their third MPL ID title in Season 10.

He will be joined by longtime ONIC players Muhammad “Butss” Satrya Sanubari, Gilang “SANZ“, Calvin “CW” Winata, and Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando Pontonuwu. All four have experience competing in the M-series when they qualified at the M3 World Championship last year.

Known as the crowd favorite in the Indonesian MLBB scene, RRQ Hoshi is bringing in the big guns to try and capture the trophy in their fourth M-series appearance.

Led by team captain Rivaldi “R7” Fatah, RRQ will be competing with their battle-hardened roster composed of Albert Nielsen “Alberttt” Iskandar, Deden “Clayyy” Muhammad Nurhasan, and Schevenko “Skylar” David Tendean.

Veteran EXP laner Andre Raymond “Banana” Son is also back on the roster after taking a break for three seasons.

A new team in Malaysia, Team HAQ pulled off a Cinderella run after securing a slot from the qualifier and winning the grand final, all in one season.

But make no mistake, the team is filled with veterans from the scene, with most of its players coming from Orange Esports back in Season 9. The team comprise twins Aimin “Minn” Zairie Bin Anuar and Aiman “Mann” Zairie Bin Anuar, and rising star Muhammad “Garyy” Shafizan.

Known for their unusual picks and aggressive playstyle, Todak has dominated the scene for the longest time and is tied with RRQ Hoshi for the most number of M-series appearances at four.

They will be fielding their tried and tested roster of veterans who have been with the team for more than a year, with the addition of rookie Muhammad Alif “Rival” Akmal bin Kamarulzaman in the jungle role.

RSG SG proved they’re on top of the Singaporean MLBB scene after a dominating performance against rival Slate Esports at MPL SG Season 4.

The back-to-back MPL SG champion is spearheaded by Yeo “Diablo” Wee Lun, who has captured the hearts of many for his explosive playstyle. Jovan “Babycakes” Ong Jin Heng and Bellamy “Lolsie” Yeov also man the roster and provide veteran experience to the Singaporean’s lone representative in M4.

Falcon Esports secured a slot in M4 through the Myanmar qualifier, taking down some of the top teams in the region, including M2 grand finalists Burmese Ghouls.

The roster is made up of mostly former members of Ronin Esports. They have also recruited former AI Esports multirole player Swan “Ruby DD” Htet Aung, who immortalized a never-before-seen Lunox combo in M2, which, up to this day, is called the Ruby DD combo.

After their stunning third-place finish in M3, BTK members Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl, and Oscar “SHARK” left the team and formed The Valley.

The three BTK standouts will play alongside content creator turned pro player Seounghun “Hoon” Jang and former MPL PH player Peter Bryce “Basic” Lozano.

S11 Argentina dominated in the first season of MLSL. Only losing once in the regular season, the team went on to win the championship against tournament favorite Malvinas Gaming.

Their lineup mostly consists of standouts in the region. However, only Alexander “Papadog” Llanos, Diego “Jotun” Balog, and Rodrigo “Erwin” Herenu have experience playing against international teams when they represented Argentina at IESF WEC 2022.

Malvinas Gaming had to make big adjustments after the departure of Adrian “Xing” Capcha, Bryan “Quinn” Luna, and Adrian “Eidrian” Espinoza. Still, the team finished second at MLSL Season 1 and secured a slot for M4.

Players to look out for in the team are George Anthony “Harle” Campos and Jose Carlos “Stephe” Machaca. Both have competed with Malvinas in M3 and have shown flashes of brilliance against MPL teams in Southeast Asia.

Burn x Flash will be making its M-series debut under the guidance of head coach John Michael “Zico” Dizon, who competed at the M1 World Championship when he was still a player for ONIC Esports.

MDH Esports secured a slot at M4 after winning the Mekong qualifier, taking down teams from Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The team was just formed in October of this year, with most of its players having little to no experience competing outside the region.

The Turkish-based squad will be led by Ali Cakirs “Alien” Line, who played for Bedel in M3. The remaining members will be making their first international tournament in M4.

Back-to-back MPL BR champion RRQ Akira didn’t lose a single game in the regular season and playoffs last season. Capitalizing on their success, the team will be sticking with their usual lineup in M4.

Occupy Thrones will compete with their roster during their MPL MENA Fall 2022 championship run. They will be facing their toughest challenge yet, for all six have yet to compete against international teams.

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