The 3 best heroes to counter Thamuz in Mobile Legends

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Dec 20

Thamuz, a long-standing hero in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lineup, is one of the best fighters in the current meta.

What sets him apart from other fighters is that he’s one of the few who doesn’t use any mana, and his skills have very short cooldowns. Plus, he’s an easy hero to learn, whether you want to play him in the EXP lane or jungle.

His passive, which gives him a chance to deal true damage with each basic attack, is powerful in the current meta where tank jungle heroes thrive.

Still, there are quite a few heroes out there who can dominate against Thamuz in the Land of Dawn. Here are three heroes you should pick if find yourself up against the Lord Lava in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Thamuz and Dyrroth are both strong heroes in the early game. However, what makes Dyrroth a great counter against the Lord Lava in the EXP lane is that he can reduce the physical defense of any hero by 75% with his second skill, Spectre Step, a huge advantage when trading blows in the laning phase.

He becomes even more effective when teaming with an early-game aggressive jungler like Clint or Ling when they gank his lane.

When playing against Thamuz, make sure to choose Vengeance as your Battle Spell and prioritize Dominance Ice as your first item. Both greatly help in a 1v1, even if he has Grand Lord Lava active in a fight.

Despite not being a popular hero these past few patches, Argus still packs a punch against heroes who love extended fights, such as Thamuz. Secure the upper hand in the laning phase by spamming Meteoric Sword, and follow up with Demonic Grip should Thamuz decide to fight back.

Once you hit level four, go all-in and activate your ultimate, Eternal Evil, once your health drops below 20%. This is a sure kill in a 1v1 situation. Running battle spell Execute is also crucial to securing a kill in this matchup, as Thamuz is difficult to kill once he has his ultimate up.

Building Demon Hunter Sword first is essential if you want to shred his health early on in the game. You can also go for more aggressive items such as Blade of Despair if your team is ahead.

Chou is a great pick against Thamuz not because of his damage output, but because he has the kit to disrupt the Lord Lava’s combo and disengage when in a bad spot. He can set up plays with Jeet Kune Do, all while avoiding the scythes thrown at him.

The Jeet Kune Do and the Way of Dragon combo can also give your teammates the perfect opportunity to group up on Thamuz in team fights. Just make sure to kick him towards your allies and not away from them.

Chou is more of a utility pick against Thamuz, but you can also go for the killer route if you are leading in gold. Try building Blade of the Heptaseas, Blade of Despair, and Malefic Roar, as three of these items would help you pack a punch in a 1v1.

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