huNter- “No pressure, FaZe is the best team in the world, nothing to lose. We can just win.”

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Dec 20

After completely smashing Outsiders in the group stage game, G2 has managed another strong victory over Vitality to secure a top 4 at BLAST Premier World Finals. They now head into a rematch against FaZe and look to end the year on a high note. We talked to huNter- to get his thoughts on the team’s performance and the FaZe rematch in this post-match interview.

Arnav “xL” Shukla: Outsiders yesterday, Vitality on Nuke today. You guys are just blowing people out. Can you talk about how that first map went?

huNter-: I mean I think they didn’t expect us to pick Nuke because before, when we played them, they were the team that was almost always picking nuke. So I think they didn’t prepare it. We had really good preparation, especially Hooxi did amazing, honestly, on this T-side calling. I think we just trusted the calling, we did well individually in some clutches as well, and Hooxi was calling amazingly. 

xL: Over on vertigo, it wasn’t quite that dominant, 9-6 half, but then on the T side, you were just smashing through the defence again and again. Right as you were about to close out the game, Vitality started to pop off. That clutch that you had against Zywoo, it felt like you had won, but in the last moment, he got that defuse off. How did it feel after that round?

huNter-: Honestly, I was so sad after this round. He didn’t have a kit, he killed me at the last second, and he defused at the last second too. I know Zywoo is a lucky player, but he deserves that luck because, for me, he’s the best player in the world, and he’s amazing. But he’s too lucky sometimes.

Even his teammates are telling me every day that he’s very lucky. I mean, that’s Vitality. We can’t expect to win 2-0 easily against them. We didn’t play well on the CT side, but on the T side, we played really well, but in the end, we didn’t close it out. Though I’m really happy, we get to play Anubis and win it, that’s really important.

xL: In overtime, it felt like you guys were out of it mentally after that lost clutch. You couldn’t get a single-round win there. What happened there?

huNter-: It was tough, honestly, to bounce back later. It’s not an excuse or anything. We needed to do better and play as a team because that was working for us almost always. We were trying to fake and do those kinds of things on Vertigo against them. They were just playing 3A 2B almost always in Overtime because they were smashing us on mid a couple of times. So they were just leaving mid on Overtime, I think. 

xL: Talking about Anubis then, how did it go? As expected from practice?

huNter-: First of all, we won the knife, and I think we should’ve picked the T side because, for me, so far, this map is T-sided, and we are also better on the T side. But CT side, we needed to do better. We had some rounds that we needed to win. We were giving them entries so easily in the beginning, and that was the main issue, I think.

But after on T side again, Hooxi, I’m really proud of the guy, when we know and understand what he’s going through and we were with him the whole time. I’m really proud of him and thankful that he decided to stay with us. He did an amazing job, honestly, all three days.

xL: This tournament started off with a loss to FaZe, then smashing outsiders and this win over Vitality. Now you’ll be facing off against FaZe on stage. How confident are you feeling going into that game?

huNter-: I think here on this first day, we were leading 1-0, and we had match points on Inferno as well. That 3rd map Ancient went really bad. It wasn’t easy to bounce back. But today, we lost almost the same second map, and we bounced back on Anubis, and we played really well. What to expect from faze? FaZe is FaZe.

They are the best team in the world for sure, and they’d like to close this year with another event win. Nothing to expect. We just need to go on the stage. This was the first team we played on stage with this team. We just need to try and enjoy ourselves. No pressure, FaZe is the best team in the world, nothing to lose. We can just win.

xL: Finally, could you share some thoughts on Ilya’s [m0NESY] performance so far at this event?

huNter-: I mean Ilya, every time I talk good about him in Interviews, then he starts to play worse. So I don’t want to say anything. We talk to him outside of the game, and when we are watching the games and playing the games and practices, we are trying to improve him.

Because our main goal when we brought him into the team was to be our Zywoo or S1mple, that’s what we expected from him. He’s still young, he’s improving, and I’m really happy for him. From month to month, he’s getting better. And I think one more stage for him tomorrow will be a great experience. 

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